about us

"GTH" was started as a home based business in 1993 in Fresno, California, USA. We started our business by fixing computers in neighborhood and solving their computer related issues. In 1995, we started a new venture in Fresno, California by the name of "Computer Tech". At that time, we were merely three employees. The company was into selling as well as repairing computers. It was because of the passion we all had for the IT world that there was no looking back. Soon we started expanding our business manifold. Today, we are proud to announce our services worldwide and GTH is now recognized as the fastest growing industry in the technical field all across the globe. Today, we have a long list of awards which certify us as the best in our field. In addition, what truly holds our back is the list of satisfied clients that we have acquired over the years. We aim to provide the best cliental support in the upcoming years and build up innovative techniques to serve our clients even better. We believe in creating business with a holistic approach, to facilitate which we have set really high standards for quality. The constant aim of the company is to provide each customer with efficient tech support within the discussed time limit to create a business that is service oriented and known remarkably for all its techniques and methods. GTH is an independent technical support service provider for a large variety of third party products, brands and services. Any use of Trademarks, Brands, Products and Services is referential and GTH, hereby, disclaims any association, affiliation – direct or indirect, or representation in any form, of any such brand, product or services.

We guarantee the highest level of service to our valued customer. We not only resolve all your computer-related issues at affordable rates, but also educate you about the causes, so that you can avoid them from affecting your devices in the future. Our dedicated and continuous efforts to bring cutting edge solutions are valued by our clients who believe that our technological support service have helped them to stay ahead of their competitors. GTH is accountable to its customers and employees and is committed to deliver excellent results and aim for the highest levels of quality. Let our experts repair your computer to make it perform at its best.

GTH provide remote support & back up services as well. The Technician remotely accesses your machine and make sure that the issue gets resolve at its best. We connect your device through our software that is LogMeIn Rescue Tool & try our level best to solve your software related problems. GTH have a team of adept techies to provide end-to-end service for your gadgets at any given time. Technicians can help to keep your computer safeguarded from external threats and resolve all problems like unexpected rebooting, frequent shut downs, and issues with the connectivity of peripherals. Outstanding support service at reasonable rates is what we proffer.